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We are Engineering Company specialized in industrial computer modeling .

We have long-term extensive experience in producing detailed 3D-models of machinery, parts, buildings and whole industrial plants out of old 2D technical documentation or directly from reality.

Modelling 2D to 3D is done in two ways:

  • wherever 2D documentation exists , in paper form (technical drawings) or as older computer files ( .pdf; .dwg; .dgn; any other format), by meticulous transferring into 3Dmodel through integrating Front/Side/Vertical projections into high-accuracy .dgn –file, with identification of standard and normative components;
  • where reality has to be directly reproduced from existing structure (machine, building, plant; geo-shape), by precision laser scanning and Point Cloud technique; please note, where machinery or pipework is thermally insulated or densely entangled , the exact industrial modeling still requires access to 2D –documentation;

Thus obtained files can be stored and processed by any universal 3D software for:

  • perpetual technical libraries; (industry);
  • virtual casting/machining (parts);
  • virtual assembly (machines/ plants)
  • virtual walk-around (buildings/ plants);
  • animations and conflict detection ( machines/plants);
  • weight&material analysis (parts/machines/plants);
  • flow&movement simulations (machines/apparatuses/pipelines/plants)
  • plastic 3D rendering;(arts)
  • 3D-printing (production/hobby);
  • geo-shapes